Company Profile

◈ Who We Are

Chengdu Foresight Composite Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and has assets worth more than CNY 100 million. It is a full-service composite material company that provides everything from base fabric, calendered film, lamination, semi-coating, surface treatment, and finished product processing to engineering design and on-site installation technical support. Tunnel and mine ventilation duct materials, PVC biogas engineering materials, construction tent materials, vehicle and ship tarpaulin materials, special anti-seepage engineering and storage containers, materials for liquid storage and water tightness, PVC inflatable castles, and PVC water amusement facilities are among the products used in industries such as security, environmental protection, infrastructure, entertainment parks, new building materials, and others. Products are sold in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other countries and areas through product sales outlets located throughout the country.


◈ Why Choose Us?

Foresight has a long-term successful cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Chengdu Branch, the Chongqing Academy of Coal Science, the Ministry of Agriculture's Biogas Research Institute, Sichuan University, DuPont, the France Bouygues Group, Shenhua Group, China Coal Group, China Railway Construction, China Hydropower, China National Grain Reserve, COFCO, and other units to develop special composite materials in a variety of fields. Foresight has received more than 10 national patents in a row, and its unique antistatic technology for underground ventilation duct fabric has won the State Administration of Work Safety's Safety Science and Technology Achievement Award.

◈ Our Brand

"JULI," "ARMOR," "SHARK FILM," and "JUNENG" are among more than 20 trademarks. SGS, ISO9001 quality system certification, Dun & Bradstreet accreditation, and a number of product certifications have all been received by the organization. The "JULI" brand flexible ventilation duct has been awarded the Sichuan Province's renowned trademark and is a well-known mining ventilation duct brand. As a drafting unit of national and industry standards for coal mine flexible ventilation ducts, Foresight has been committed to the study and development of antistatic and environmentally friendly materials for underground ventilation ducts. It has successfully developed and adopted ecologically friendly water-based materials for antistatic surface treatment of mine ventilation duct fabrics, with the antistatic value remaining stable at around 3x106Ω.

◈ Corporate Culture

Our Mission:

Customers benefit from pragmatic and innovative solutions.

Our Vision:

committed to continuous improvement and innovation in order to provide maximum value to customers;

Making environmentally friendly materials to achieve sustainable human development;

Becoming a material supplier respected by customers and recognized by society.

Our Value:

▶ Integrity:

Treating people with respect, keeping promises, and adhering to contracts all count.

▶ Pragmatic:

Free the intellect, seek truth from facts, be honest and brave; To generate a consistent source of energy for enterprise innovation and development, shatter formalism.

▶ Innovation:

Focusing on client demands and always researching better solutions to give maximum value to consumers, self-evolution and the proactive ability to change are superpowers of Foresight. Employees are always able to develop new strategies to avoid risk.

▶ Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is positive thinking and a humble attitude. Thanksgiving is the fulcrum of learning to be a human being and obtaining a sunny life; with a grateful attitude, society returns to a positive outlook on life.